Last Thursday, ASU members met online and decided to reject the proposed EA and to encourage everyone to VOTE NO.

Management has decided to put the EA to another vote with only a handful of minor changes. This is mischievous and disrespectful as there have been no negotiations since last year and is another roll of the dice that puts management first and employees last.

Please provide this information to your work colleagues and encourage them to also VOTE NO.

VOTE NO as soon as possible when voting opens on Friday 10 June 2022 (this Friday).


    Family/Domestic violence leave is UNPAID (the Fair Work Commission have provisionally approved 10 days of PAID leave for all workers in all industries through the Award system)
  2. WAGES
    You deserve more. You kept the services running during the pandemic and continue to do so. It’s not fair to short-change you with 2%. Plus, with inflation running at 5.1% this means a wage reduction in ‘real terms’ (if wage increases are less than inflation then your buying power is reduced)
    A number of existing conditions are proposed to be removed and lost. i.e. a reduction in minimum engagement for part-time and casuals and reducing long service leave accruals for staff that existed before the amalgamation of the organisations. Instead of lifting-up employees to a better standard, management takes a backwards approach and wants everyone on the lowest common denominator.

Vote No. Everyone deserves a better deal. Frontline Workers deserve praise and recognition not cuts to conditions and a sub-standard wage offer.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser David Nunns | 0418 856 495 |

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