DATE: Wednesday 15 January
TIME: 12.00pm
VENUE: MiCare Footscray

We have reached a threshold point in the Enterprise Agreement (EA) bargaining process.  At the meeting on the 15th you will have the opportunity to discuss and endorse the LOC, once endorsed it will then be formally presented to Management to inform negotiations at the next Bargaining meeting, January 23.

The LOC is a clear statement from the membership of what pay and conditions need to be in place that value and respect the hard work you all do. The important work of delivering, hope, justice, opportunity and quality to the very people under your care and responsibility must be underpinned by a workforce that is properly resourced, supported and renumerated.

Your involvement and support up to this point has been critical in ensuring that your representatives are in an informed and clear position with respect to your workplace needs and aspirations. Your ongoing involvement now at this crucial stage is even more critical.

Want to get the best outcomes?

Now is time to remain active and engaged, now is the time to canvass non-members to join. The louder and stronger our collective voice is the better the outcomes.

Look forward to seeing you all on the 15th, please be aware that Management have approved this meeting and if you require any further information or wish to provide feedback please contact Delegate elect Jamie Daborn on 0423 350 167 after Jan. 6th or after Jan 14th, contact ASU Organiser Giancarlo (Chaz) Volpe on 0428 734 459 or

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