The ASU has been working with members to progress disputes with Mackillop over two underpayment issues concerning a significant number of workers in residential care.

What has the ASU done to assist Members?

The ASU has made a number of attempts to obtain further information to assist members resolve this matter. Following road blocks from Mackillop management, the ASU is taking steps to pursue this issue further with impacted members.

  • Have you been effected by what can only be described as an incompetent pay system?
  • Are you concerned your back pay was calculated incorrectly?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes then you need to be part of this action.

It is important to note that only ASU members may access this service. If you are not a financial member of the ASU, an amnesty has been declared until Friday 1st March 2019 which enables you to re-join the ASU and be part of this action without penalty. 

What are the Issues?

Issue 1: Historical pay irregularities under the previous Enterprise Agreement (EA): MacKillop Family Services Enterprise Agreement 2005 – 2006: including underpayments, overpayments and attempts to correct these. Mackillop is of the opinion that this is has been finalised but the ASU’s point of view this issue is not yet resolved.

Issue 2: Underpayments and other issues under the current EA:  MacKillop Family Services Enterprise Agreement 2016.Pay irregularities fall between 6 February and 31 December 2018. On 7 February 2019 Mackillop sent correspondence to staff stating that Payroll system issues had been “resolved” and would be “rectified” by 30 April 2019. Members may recall that originally MacKillop undertook to address these issues by end March.

The ASU help you and your co-workers deal with issues as they arise at your workplace – either individually or as a group – and campaign to improve the conditions for workers.

If you are not yet a member of the ASU and wish to be represented join now.  Joining is easy and you can join online

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karrie Bowe | 0400 917 845 |

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