Stephen Halls
I am passionate about ensuring that workplace pay and conditions are commensurate with the tasks being performed.  I have always believed that Unions play an important role within Australia’s industrial relations landscape as too often employers have an unfair bargaining position during wage and conditions negotiations.

The fact that we enjoy safer workplaces, eight-hour days, four weeks of annual leave and a decent wage is due in no small part to all of the unions and members that have come before me.  These benefits were hard-fought and would not have eventuated without a united group standing up to employers.

My goal to being an effective union delegate is to ensure that workers have access to workplace support when needed and to be an advocate for equity and fairness.

Greg Watson
My interest in becoming a delegate stems from our last EBA. I believe we would have benefited from better representation and communication at the time. My aim is to bring all departments together, listening to all of our members’ concerns and by working together as a team to get the best possible outcome for all.

We have so many different departments all with different working hours and conditions but as one voice we can succeed in getting the outcome everybody requires.

I have the ability to listen, act in a professional manner and respect upper management and the decisions they make and feel that I would be the right person to represent my fellow work mates from all departments.

Sally Walters
My interest in becoming a delegate is because of my team, our team.  Our people are so important to me and I have a genuine care for the outcomes for all of our staff under the administration EBA but also an interest in the bigger picture of Metro Tasmania. Developing the outcomes for such diverse teams will take understanding and patience, interest and care, all things that I am ready and willing to give.

I have a strong belief in transparency and sharing outcomes with all staff to ensure that everyone is privy to everything that is happening and there is no “us and them” mentality.

I know that my passion will only get us a certain distance forward so I am looking forward to getting the practical knowledge to back us all.

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