The Australian Services Union is true to the union movement’s values – we are workers standing together for safe workplaces, a work-life that doesn’t take over our whole life, and fair pay for a day’s work.

As well as taking action at workplaces across Victoria and Tasmania to get the kind of deal members of our union deserve, we take on the big issues for working people.

Across whole industries, we are arguing for the work that we do to be properly funded and the workers who deliver critical services to be properly paid.

In Victorian local government, our member-driven campaign is demanding better funding of local services.

And we have just kicked off a campaign for longer contracts and real job security in the social and community services sector.

These are examples of our industry-wide campaigning that is only possible when you are part of a member-driven union that knows your workplace and your industry.

Together, with unity and a shared commitment to a better deal for workers, we can keep improving the work-life of members of our union

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