The formal negotiations have concluded. We are now in the formal access period, which is a requirement under the Act which requires the employer to make copies of the enterprise agreement available for you to access and review before a vote takes place.

The access period will conclude Friday COB and the vote will be electronic running from Monday 29 May to Friday 2 June.

The negotiations were successful with the ASU achieving many new improvements to conditions of employment.

Based on this and following the position of the membership to the changes the ASU is endorsing the EBA and encourages members to vote YES.

A summary of what was achieved from our log of claims can be found here and greater detail of the clauses can be found here.

The wages outcome was in line with the rate cap amount for this year so members can expect a 3.5% increase with the subsequent years being determined by the rate cap.

We would like to thank our delegates Julia and Tony and previous delegate Dom for all their hard work throughout this process.

If the agreement is voted up then it will be sent to the Fair Work Commission for approval, once certified it will come into operation 7 days post this, however noting that MCMC has already applied what was agreed to at the table.

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