The ASU welcomes the Productivity Commission’s final mental health inquiry report and it’s focus on the importance of properly resourcing early intervention mental health services.

You can access a copy of the report here

ASU members and officials attended three separate in-person presentations to the inquiry to go with our written submission.  Congratulations to all of the members who presented to the commission, many of your recommendations have been adopted in the final report. Recommendations 17 and 20 are of particular interest to the community mental health and housing & homelessness sector.

The ASU now call on state and federal government’s to immediately increase the amount of funding for early intervention, recovery based community psychosocial services.  We also call on both levels of government to increase funding lengths to 5 years in line with the Productivity commission’s recommendations.  Governments also need to require that funded agencies engage staff as on-going rather than rely on insecure fixed term employment.

State and federal government’s continue to ignore early intervention, recovery based community psychosocial services.  The ASU understands that all areas of the mental health system needs additional funding but the continued lack of funding for community mental health services is just guaranteeing that Victorians will be ignored until their mental health deteriorates to the point that they require clinical services.  This is a failed approach that needs to be changed immediately and not wait until the mental health royal commission releases its final report.

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