What happened in Covid?
Delegates reluctantly agreed at the Consultation Committee in April/May 2020 to a temporary suspension of the 9-day fortnight arrangements and accruing ADOs. Your union agreed to this temporary arrangement on the condition that Council not stand-down any members. ASU insisted that this condition also protect casual workers. We know that our members employed casually can be very vulnerable in crisis times.  Some other Councils had stood-down members and laid off all casual workers. We faced a hard decision in unprecedented times.

ASU and Delegate team felt reassured when Council agreed to not stand-down any category of worker during COVID-19 and the lockdown periods. We believed this was the most appropriate way forward at the time.  The intention was always that the 9-day fortnight would be reinstated when the pandemic restrictions eased.

What happened next?
ASU lodged a dispute with the Fair Work Commission. The Commission listed this matter for December 2, 2020. We prepared our case for members who worked a 9-day fortnight arrangement pre-COVID-19.

What did we win?
Council agreed to reinstate the 9-day fortnight for all those members who previously had that arrangement!

It’s a great win for ASU members. When we stand together with ASU Delegates we are stronger. We can convince Council to reinstate important entitlements like this.

Council cannot renege on the EA entitlements. We make sure your employer can’t cherry-pick arrangements that don’t suit them.

The ASU, as always, is BY YOUR SIDE.

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