After a unanimous resolution of ASU members at Hobsons Bay City Council, the union has now lodged paperwork with the Fair Work Commission for union members to take protected industrial action in pursuit of a fair outcome to enterprise bargaining.

After a positive start, with the ASU and Council working to resolve differences, new Director Andrew McLeod brought good faith negotiations to a sudden halt as he ‘paused’ negotiations to engage high priced lawyers to give advice that amounted to “what the ASU told you is right”.

Negotiations resumed, but the flow of bargaining has not recovered. Council is now scrambling to make up for lost time due to Mr McLeod’s misguided actions, and have rushed through several offers that lacked detail, seemed to change position on the fly, and still does not account for the work required to consolidate the Agreement.

As a result union members have also asked the ASU to write to Council CEO Aaron Van Egmond regarding the lack of good faith being exhibited by his Director, who continues to undermine the process while not even attending negotiation meetings himself.

The ASU and other unions have continued to table constructive and outcome-focused alternatives and proposals which have largely been ignored as HBCC negotiators try to work within the narrow framework provided to them from above.

In the lead up to their latest offer, HBCC refused to engage with bargaining representatives and opted instead to appeal directly to their already demoralised and angry staff. The bulletin HBCC distributed outlined their offer which contained numerous items inconsistent with positions put by Council representatives around the bargaining table. This is not bargaining in good faith!

The ASU remains committed to achieving a positive outcome, but while detractors like Andrew McLeod remain involved that is looking increasingly unlikely.

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