ASU members vote for industrial action at Hobsons Bay City Council
ASU members have voted in favour of taking protected industrial action to get a better deal, after nine months of negotiations failed to get a satisfactory offer from management.

The ballot asked members if they supported 36 different forms of industrial action, and each item was overwhelmingly endorsed by members.

Bargaining representatives met again on the day after the ballot results came out. Neither the Council CEO nor Director bothered to come to the meeting themselves, instead instructing HR to tell the unions that their claims were once again rejected.

ASU delegates and officials will now work with members on how and when to implement the bans.

ASU members have had enough and are ready to fight against this oppressive management regime.

Ballarat employees reject management’s substandard enterprise agreement.
After 6 months of amicable EA negotiations, progress stalled, as management rejected many union-led claims.

Even after a hearing at the Fair Work Commission, council were adamant they were not going to improve their offer.

Ballarat City Council felt they had enough improvements to put a proposed enterprise agreement of a vote of employees even though there was no agreement on the proposal.

Members and delegates mobilised, recruiting, and getting the message out to all employees that it was in their interest to reject the offer and go back to negotiation.

ASU members and staff saw the offer as substandard with many claims not met and rejected the proposed enterprise agreement.

ASU representatives have since written to Ballarat City Council management urgently seeking that bargaining recommence.

However, management has not formally responded with their availability or a schedule of meeting dates before the deadline.

The ASU wants this resolved quickly and will want to get back to negotiations as soon as possible, and by any means necessary.

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