It’s Council election time again. As residents and/or ratepayers you are all eligible to vote in Council elections. If you live in within the Council that you work for there are a few things that you should be aware of at election time:

Your Council should have a policy on Council elections. If your Council has a policy, then you need to abide by it.

You should be able to:

  • Run for Council. Nominations have now closed but if you are running for Council and want advice on your rights as a candidate then please let us know.
  • Campaign for candidates running for Council.
  • Attend campaign events

As a Council employee, you must ensure that you do not undertake campaign activities in work time or use Council resources to campaign for yourself or any candidate. This includes email & photocopying.

You can share or like social media posts, but you should not disparage any candidate, even in your own time. Remember: Social media is not private, even if your settings are set to private and your friends/contacts list is limited.

If you have any concerns or want advice regarding your Councils policy then please speak to your ASU Delegate or contact the ASU Member Contact Centre on

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