Unfortunately, recently DVRCV failed to consult with impacted members and their union and directed some staff to return to office-based work.

Despite the ASU contacting DVRCV and requesting formal consultation, DVRCV proceeded with plans to return some staff.

DVRCV have advised the following

  • Impacted staff can choose whether they continue to work from home but are asking staff to return to office-based work
  • DVRCV are NOT required to consult staff around returning to office-based work
  • Since May impacted staff have received adequate communication and opportunities to provide feedback as individuals and teams

The email between the ASU and DVRCV CEO can be downloaded here.

The Premier and Chief Health Officer have provided clear direction that Victorian employees who are working from home must continue to do so here, and employers not complying risk fines. The DVRCV Enterprise Agreement, requires consultation around major workplace change, including a return to office-based work.

Impacted members reported to the ASU that there has been little opportunity for members to provide feedback and no consultation. We are seeking feedback from all impacted members as to the next steps. The options are:

  1. No assistance from the ASU required. Members are happy for the organisation to require staff to make major changes without consultation and contradict Health Orders
  2. Respond to DVRCV highlighting any inaccuracies in the letter, but not pursue consultation
  3. Respond to DVRCV highlighting any accuracies in the letter and raise a formal dispute for failure to consult impacted staff around a major change

You can let us know your preference below.

Feedback from impacted members is sought by 5 pm Monday 8 June.

Only impacted members can provide directions to raise a dispute, however, we think all members have an interest in understanding how DVRCV is approaching consultation.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Kristy Lee Tyrrell | 0419 506 310 | ktyrrell@asuvictas.com.au
ASU delegates Amy Shaw, Steph Penna and Bel O’Connor | delegatesdvrcv@gmail.com

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