The enterprise agreement negotiations have recently concluded-important dates to be aware of are;

Access Period;

  • Commence 8 July to 19 July 2019
  • This is a legislative requirement where the employer will make the final document available for staff to review.

Voting Period;

  • Commence 22 July to 29 July 2019
  • The vote will be conducted by the Australian Electoral Company by phone. Instructions will be provided to staff on how to vote, however in essence staff are provided a pin, they ring a toll free number and enter their vote.


What was achieved;


  • 2.5% or $30 or the rate cap amount, whichever is the greater
  • 3 Year Agreement expiring 30 June 2022


  • No reductions of current conditions and improvements in the areas listed below.
  • Union Delegate roles and responsibility clause improved
  • Disciplinary Action Principles; A new clause inserted which raises the natural justice and procedural fairness principles which must be adhered regarding disciplinary action. Although we didn’t achieve our model clause having words within the EBA now allows us to potentially proceed to the Fair Work Commission regarding disciplinary process’
  • Serious Injury or Illness Leave Bank; Creation of a sick leave pool with 1000 hours per annum for staff who become seriously ill and have exhausted all their leave entitlements.
  • Family Violence Clause; Improvements to support provided to staff who are experiencing family violence. We didn’t however achieved our model clause however and have some concerns regarding the approval process in terms of accessing days and additional supports an employee may require. For example the moving worksite location.  The Clause states that it will be assessed on the employee needs AS WELL as the workforce requirements.  The ASU argued that the safety of the employee is the utmost importance and business requirements shouldn’t be a factor in the decision making process. The Quantum remains unchanged which is an unlimited.
  • Parental Leave; Increase to Primary Careers leave to 16 weeks (from 15 weeks) and Secondary career to 3 weeks (from 2 weeks), gender neutral language, Keeping in touch days and breastfeeding referenced within clause.
  • End of Band Payment; Increased to $1000 (from $900) per annum, pro rata for part time staff
  • Higher Duties; Improved wording which allows for the potential of higher duties to be paid at a higher rate than the A level.
  • Home Support Appendix Changes;
    • Increase to weekly payment for general administrative requirements to $25 (from $20)
    • New Clause- Increases to minimum hours; Staff who can demonstrate a pattern of regular and systematic work (8 week cycle) above the agreed 50 Hours can have this permanently modified in their regular hours.
    • New Clause- Council aim to commitment to consecutively rostering jobs to overcome issues of single jobs being rostered on one day or allow for re-rostering of these jobs without staff being financially disadvantaged.

We didn’t get all the claims we were seeking and there were several very important log items which we fought hard to get across the line however Council wouldn’t commit.  These include increases to redundancy entitlements, 9 day fortnight provisions and improvements to the oncall rate.

You will need to now review the changes when determining how you will vote. Just remember whichever way members decide to vote it is important that you have your say in this process.

To determine the vote will require 50% plus 1 of those who voted to vote in a particular way.  For example if 100 people vote then 51 will vote YES or No for the agreement to be approved or rejected.

We will be holding a round of update meetings within the access period so stay tuned for when they will be (a further notification will be sent).

The ASU would like to thank the EBA negotiation delegates Linda Threthway, Deb Mitcham, Alexandra Maggi and Dylan Weeks for all their hard work and dedication throughout this process!  It is critical having delegates at the table who can talk to why the claims are important and how they impact the workers.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio |

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