Is the pay enough? We’re voting NO.

Has the process been respectful? We’re voting NO.

Will this EA keep staff at Melton, and attract more co-workers? We’re voting NO.

The EA voting period is open from Monday 5 – Wednesday 7 June! Make sure you:

  • Vote NO ASAP
  • Reach out to your colleagues, union and non-union, to remind them to vote
  • Keep listening to your colleagues, and having respectful conversations about how and why you’re voting

Also: CONGRATULATIONS to all ASU members who joined or supported recent stop-work actions. As you can see from the pic above, plenty of you kicked back last Tuesday.

Actions like this show management how difficult it is to run their services when you’re not around.  And if this Enterprise Agreement is voted up, there’ll be more and more of you leaving to work elsewhere, doing the same job for better pay.

Melton staff don’t like this deal. You may want to get it over with, but you also want to get it done RIGHT. Three more years is too long to wait for pay parity.

Vote NO, and you can return to the bargaining table. Vote NO, and be a part of making sure that the third time’s a charm!

Got a colleague who wants to join? Sign them up today at

For further information or to become a Delegate please contact:
ASU Organiser Georgia Symons | 0477 666 328 |


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