Big thank you to all for your feedback and for attending the rounds of scheduled meetings to formulate your log of claims it was a great success.

The ASU and your delegates attended our third enterprise bargaining meeting on Tuesday 21 June in which the ASU served your endorsed log of claims to Melton. Others also served their log of claims including Melton Mgt, AEU (Australian Education Union) and 8 non-union bargaining representatives.

The ANMF (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation) will serve theirs at our next meeting on June 28.

Once all parties have had the opportunity to briefly verbalised their logs of claims the real work will begin to negotiate your claims.

Future EA meetings have been agreed upon and set which will usually be on a fortnightly basis but may move to weekly.

We will keep members fully updated along the way.

View the ASU log of claims here.
View the Melton City Council log of claims here.

In the meantime, there’s never a better time to encourage your workmates to join the ASU so we can have a stronger voice for workers at Melton City Council. It’s easy for anyone who is not yet a member to join online at

For further information or to become a Delegate please contact:
ASU Organiser Emma Bagg |

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