Later this week, you’ll see the latest version of your Enterprise Agreement. 

It is true that it’s better than last time. 

It’s true that, by mid-2024, you’ll all have five-weeks’ annual leave. 

It’s true that we’ve fought for and won lots of small improvements. 

But facts are facts. 

You are still the lowest-paid staff of any growth-area council in Melbourne. 

This enterprise agreement will leave your wages below the average of other growth-area councils. 

So you’ll keep losing staff. And you’ll keep doing more than your full-time job, covering all the vacant roles. 

It’s better than last time. But it’s still not right. 

Here’s what you can do about it: 

  • Vote NO 
  • STOP WORK on Thursday 25 May. Let Melton management know the value of your work, by taking it away for a day. 
  • Spread the word – tell your colleagues to vote NO 
  • Print out these posters and flyers: 

Well done to all ASU members – you’ve come so far. But let’s keep fighting for what you and your co-workers deserve. 

For further information or to become a delegate please contact:
ASU Georgia Symons | | 0477 666 328 

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