Melbourne Water management recently notified staff who have limited private use of work vehicles that their contributions were set to rise dramatically.

Staff were told that it was a done deal, and that within a couple of weeks their contribution for Light Commercial Vehicles would jump from $200 per fortnight, to $260, and would reach $370 per fortnight by early 2021.

Managers at Melbourne Water do not seem to understand that many of their staff members live fortnight to fortnight, and have to budget to pay the rent or the mortgage. A dramatic increase in contributions, without consultation, would place a significant burden on many people, and would more than absorb any enterprise agreement pay rises.

The ASU forced a consultation period, and have provided a submission urging a more reasonable and less costly approach.

With enterprise bargaining set to commence, we will soon be holding meetings at Melbourne Water sites. If you would like more information, please contact ASU Organiser Matt Price at

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