ASU members have been successful in their campaign around proposed changes to Water Supply Consolidated Pay Arrangements. Management had sought to introduce these changes in February, and this would have resulted in a number of staff losing a significant amount of money.

ASU wrote to Management urging them to reconsider, and to put off any discussions around this until we are negotiating the new MW Enterprise Agreement. It is the Union’s firm view that with the Agreement about to be renegotiated, any discussions around changes to pay and conditions ought to occur in that context.

Over the weekend Management contacted ASU to advise that they had reconsidered and would agree to postpone the implementation, and instead discuss it in the context of enterprise bargaining. All affected staff received a letter to this effect.

This is a fantastic win for those union members who stood up and refused to accept this unfair paycut. But the battle is not over. We know that Management will be pushing hard to get this through in negotiations, and the best way to resist this is through a strong and active union.

We urge members to talk to your colleagues about joining the union today. In particular, it is worth speaking to those non-members who have just avoided a large pay cut thanks to the ASU.

We also encourage members to put their hand up to get involved as an ASU delegate for the upcoming round of bargaining.

If you would like to know more about becoming a delegate, or would like to provide feedback on this matter, please contact
ASU Organiser Matt Price | 0407 362 764 |

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