Bargaining and drafting has finally concluded for the new Melbourne Water Enterprise Agreement.

Getting to this point was no easy task, with delays in government approval and COVID19, but we have finally arrived at a stage where we believe we have a deal that we can recommend to our members.

The ASU believes that this is the best deal possible in the current circumstances, and we have achieved a number of significant improvements to entitlements and conditions.

Before we sign off though, we want to hear from you.

Please vote at the below link to indicate whether you endorse the new enterprise agreement.

The key features and improvements in the draft agreement are:

  • 2% pay increase per year over four years, commencing April 2020
  • A one off ‘patience in bargaining’ payment of $1400
  • Top of band bonuses to be incorporated into salaries, so that the top pay point in each band increases by 2%
  • 9 day fortnight clause improved, so that “Reasonable requests for working a nine day fortnight will not be refused, and Melbourne Water may only refuse such requests based on explained reasonable operational and business grounds.”
  • Consolidated salaries clause strengthened, so that components cannot be changed or removed during the life of the Agreement
  • Availability allowance increased to Level 3, Point 3
  • Secondary caregiver increased by one week
  • Superannuation to be paid during parental leave
  • Compassionate leave provides for an additional two days per occasion
  • 10 hour rest period after overtime
  • Payment for cancelled or delayed overtime
  • Minimum one hour payment for remote response
  • Melbourne Water to provide three months’ notice on any proposed changes to LPU payments
  • New secure employment clause, to “give preference to ongoing and direct forms of employment over casual, fixed term and labour-hire arrangements”
  • New GPS clause restricting the use of GPS data in disciplinary or performance management processes
  • Limitations on when Limited Tenure (fixed term) employment arrangements can be used
  • No trade offs or reduction in any existing entitlements

So now it’s over to you. Click to vote to endorse the draft Agreement.

Once the Agreement is endorsed, the next step is that it has to go back to State Government for final approval. Once this is done, it will then go to a formal ballot of all staff. Assuming that ballot gets up, it then goes to the Fair Work Commission for approval. Once they are happy with it, it will then, finally, come into effect. It’s a long and frustrating process, but if it all gets approved, then your payrises will be backdated to April 2nd 2020.

For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Matt Price | 0407 362 764 |

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