EBA negotiations are in their final stages, management are keen to have the formal process of getting the EBA out to vote mid to late September. The ASU and Delegates have worked hard, to secure a number of improvements and  maintain a number above award entitlements.

However one area that remains unresolved is wording around sleepovers specifically with reference to working a shift after a sleepover where an employee has also worked a shift before the sleepover. The ASU has always been of the  view that a sleepover should be referred to as a shift and not a break of shift and be paid accordingly. Therefore an 8 hour break should apply especially when  a shift was worked before  and after a sleepover.

The ASU’s position is that in these circumstances the employee should be relieved of duty.

However if an employee is required to work any hours following a sleepover then such hours should be paid at penalty until the employee comes off shift in lieu of not enjoying an 8 hour break.

MCM has offered the following to enhance remuneration for employees performing sleepovers

  • The sleepover allowance will remain at above award levels
  • The sleepover allowance incorporates any work performed, up to one hour.
  • Any disturbances beyond an hour will now incur a provision referred to as a disturbance allowance
  • The disturbance allowance will be paid at 15 minute blocks from the time you are disturbed until the time the matter has been resolved and documented.
  • The time paid as a disturbance allowance will be at penalty rates
  • In the case where an employee is assessed as being fatigued after a sleepover, particularly in in cases where the respective employee was disturbed beyond an hour  they will be able to come off shift and if they were rostered on for another shift they can be relieved from duty and still be paid for the hours rostered

The ASU seeks your feedback with respect on the outcomes outlined above in particular from residential staff who perform sleepovers for their view on whether the position put by MCM in terms of sleepovers is acceptable or if want the ASU to seek improved recognition of sleepovers as shifts?

Please free to make contact anytime me anytime: Chaz Volpe on 0428 734 459 or cvolpe@asuvictas.com.au or contact MCM Bargaining Delegates David Grdic, Marita Hagel, and Troy Johnson

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