The ASU has written to, and have also lodged a dispute with, Council for the reinstatement of ADOs accruals for all those employees covered by clauses 42.10 or 43.2.

During the Pandemic, the ASU has acted in good faith and agreed to the suspension of ADOs to assist Council during this difficult period.

It is now time for council to repay this good faith.

The ASU is formally requesting that the accrual of ADOs be reinstated from 1 November 2020 to all affected employees.

Further updates will be provided as information becomes available.

The ASU, as always, is BY YOUR SIDE.

For further information please contact: one of your ASU Delegate Team
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 |

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