ASU members at the City of Melbourne are currently taking part in a ballot for protected industrial action.

Members started bargaining at the City of Melbourne in March this year.

However, City of Melbourne Management stopped bargaining in May and put a not-agreed enterprise agreement out to a vote. This proposed agreement was rejected by  72% out of those who voted in the ballot.

Management came back to the table with the same claims which were rejected by the majority of staff.

City of Melbourne is the only council in Victoria to have a two-tier pay system,  Schedule A have no annual increments that they can advance too, and Schedule AA employees who still get annual increments.

This situation is so bad that employees classified at the same position are getting up to $15,000 less than the person sitting next to them and doing the same job.

City of Melbourne also wants to strip the current redeployment and voluntary redundancy clauses out of the enterprise agreement. This would take away employee choice should a redundancy situation arise, totally unfair.

They still have offered 2% pay increases for each year of the three year agreement.

Members have had enough and decided to ballot for protected industrial action to send a clear message to City of Melbourne management who is not listening to employees.

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