FACTS: Loss of choice in redundancy / redeployment scenarios

In the current CoM EA, staff occupying roles being made redundant have the option of a voluntary departure in the event that no suitable alternative positions are available.

CoM’s offer removes the voluntary departure clause and gives them more power compared to your current EA.

If your position becomes redundant, a restructure occurs, or there are changes to your PD the proposed EA gives CoM the power to redeploy you to another role that they deem suitable. That’s no more redeployment choice and no more voluntary redundancy.  If you don’t agree with any  redeployed position chosen for you by CoM, and you refuse that position, your only option is to resign without any redundancy pay.  You can download the proposed redundancy and redeployment changes that will strip away your choices here.

CoM say they are only updating this to retain your talent and give you  job security. But this is a loss of choice. It is hypocrisy at its worse and is totally misleading to CoM employees.

We know change is it inevitable. And we know it can be stressful, and our members want the right to make choices in the event of change.

If CoM want to retain talent and provide genuine job security then stop all the short term contracts, temporary contracts, roll-over contracts, fixed-term contracts, PPTI (zero hour contracts), casual labour, external labour hire and external contractors that have been engaged to do existing on-going permament work at CoM. This is insecure work, with no security.

That’s why you need to VOTE NO. ASU call for these changes to be made and call upon CoM to give all employees genuine job security. Stop the unfairness and don’t strip content out of the EA.

To do this we need to get back to the bargaining table to keep CoM accountable. If we can get this EA voted down we will come back to members to look at other options to strike a better deal across council.

In unity
Sean McCourt
ASU Organiser

For further information please contact our ASU workplace Delegate Team or
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 | smccourt@asuvictas.com.au

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