The ASU attended a Fair Work Commission hearing on Friday with the City of Melbourne to report back on the progress of negotiations.

The Commission hearing revealed a significant concession from the City of Melbourne. The management representative advised the Commission that the current offer is not their final offer. A further negotiation has been scheduled for Wednesday this week at which the management representative indicated they would put a revised offer.

The ASU welcomes this commitment to a further offer and is optimistic that management will listen to workers feedback that you want a fair pay rise, with back pay.

The Commission expressed a view that all parties need to engage in further negotiation and the negotiations are not sufficiently progressed to either put the agreement out to vote or initiate industrial action. While this is frustrating after 2 years of negotiation, we need to be mindful of this in determining our next steps.

The ASU Negotiating Team will attend Wednesday’s meeting and engage in negotiations in good faith. The ASU will remain firm on a fundamental principle – we cannot support a 6-year agreement. Any negotiated outcome must cover the last two years and provide for back pay.

Stay tuned for more updates later in the week.

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