The ASU has heard troubling reports from members seeking flexible work arrangements (FWA).

Some members who have one or more of the circumstances making them eligible to request a FWA have reported being grilled in regard to what they can offer the organisation in return. Some members have reported managers comparing individual circumstances and asking staff to justify their needs over others.

Team leaders have reported being made to feel guilty that they are somehow letting the organisation and their teammates down by requesting a Flexible Working Arrangement.

Regardless of the City of Melbourne flexible work policies, the law is clear. It is your right under the Fair Work Act to request a Flexible Work Arrangement if you meet one of the circumstances outlined:].

The employer should not interrogate, intimidate or discriminate an employee for requesting a protected entitlement. The Fair Work Act makes it clear that this type of behaviour is illegal and strong penalties apply.

If you have experienced any intimidation, harassment or bullying in regard to FWAs, please contact the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570.

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