Please find an update below on your key EA claims and CoM’s response – which they have advised is their final bargaining position. Your ASU bargaining group has concerns about the quality of this offer, and will be circulating details for a mass meeting later this week. In the meantime, CoM plan to this offer out to the vote from 21 June.

  1. Wages – CoM offer 2%

You asked for 3.5% which is fair and reasonable and line with State Government’s Wage Price Index forecast for the lifetime of this agreement. The ASU are already seeing this reflected in other large council EBAs such as 10% increase to wages and other entitlements over the three year EBA  at Wyndham. Given the generous increases doled out to Key Management Personnel, 2.00% for each year of the proposed agreement  is a low ball offer and unacceptable. City of Melbourne staff are sick to death of being asked to accept low wage growth in order to fund higher exec increases and equally expensive and unnecessary capital projects including over $50 million on consultants.

  1. Pay Equity – two tier system to continue

You asked for pay equity for all employees to be on a fair and transparent schedule of pay increases commensurate with experience. Not only is this fundamental to a fair, trusting organisational culture, it applies to every other council in Victoria and certainly applies to execs on crazy pay packets at City of Melbourne  so it’s completely unacceptable that it doesn’t apply to you. How can they honestly expect the organisational culture to improve until the fundamental right of equal work for equal pay is honoured? They still want to divide you on a two tier salary system for staff doing the exact same position.

  1. Redundancy – stripping of options

Your current EA has a fair redundancy clause with the option for redeployment by mutual agreement. City of Melbourne are proposing to strip out your  redeployment and voluntary redundancy clauses where they will make it impossible for you to make a choice  by insisting you will be redeployed or resign in the event your role becomes redundant – whether you agree the redeployment position is suitable or not. Staff want job security for the job they signed up for and dignity in leaving in the event of a redundancy – City of Melbourne management need to take some responsibility for hiring staff in roles that require doing – remember, no member of staff walked in off the street and hired themselves here! And don’t forget in the recent round of the CEO meetings and greetings with staff in various departments he has strongly indicated that a big restructure will be happening soon at the City of Melbourne.

You will receive an newsletter update and an invite to a paid mass meeting for all ASU members at the City of Melbourne later this week. Make sure to come along, have your say about next steps and we can answer any questions about the total package on the table at that time.

In unity
Sean ASU Organiser and your ASU delegates team

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Sean Mc Court | 0419 506 178 |


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