ASU members at the City of Melbourne yesterday met to discuss the CoM offer and unanimously passing the following resolution :

ASU members reject the City Of Melbourne final EA offer being put to vote this Friday 21 June and ask the City Of Melbourne to take seriously our concerns and start listening to us. We further ask the City of Melbourne to drop schedule A salary scales and bring back proper progression/increments as per schedule AA and have fairness and equity for all staff across the City of Melbourne.

Your ASU bargaining team is still concerned. Council is putting a not-agreed and sub-standard EA offer out to a vote. This is your EA. It is really important to get a big turnout from staff to vote and to vote NO and get back to bargaining an agreeable outcome.

It is really important you take the time to vote and clearly select the NO box.

It is also critical to talk to other staff in your area about why it is important that they vote No. We can’t begin to try to turn this around without at least 50% of votes against the offer.

Three reasons why the ASU encourages you to vote NO in this ballot.

  1. Redundancy and redeployment provisions that strip away your choice should a restructure occur or your PD change. (See change here)
  2. Schedule A salary – divides workers and denies fair pay and increment increases
  3. An insulting wage offer – City of Melbourne has a massive surplus but is short changing workers with a 2% p/a wage offer.

A majority NO vote sends a clear message to City of Melbourne. ASU members want pay equity, redeployment choice, and a fair pay offer VOTE NO on this sub-standard deal to get the City of Melbourne back to negotiating for a fair deal.

In unity
Sean ASU Organiser and your ASU delegates team

For further information please contact our ASU workplace Delegate Team.
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |

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