The ASU has been advised MIND is proposing major change within the SIL workforce. The ASU hold major concerns over the negative impacts of these proposed changes.

The ASU has scheduled 2 member and non-member meetings to discuss the changes. Two meetings have been scheduled so that we can meet with as many staff and members as possible. We encourage each of you to come along to a meeting and bring other concerned staff in your team to find out how they can get involved and be the change they want to see!

Meeting 1

Date: Thursday 04/02
Time: 12:30pm
Zoom link:

Meeting 2

Date: Friday 05/02
Time: Friday 5pm
Zoom link:

For any queries and to find out how you can become more involved in your union  please contact
ASU Organiser Matt Steen  | 0476 550 233 |

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