Pat is ASU Delegate and Coordinator of Investigations Unit at Bayside City Council. Pat has been at Council for 16 years working in the investigations unit, which looks after the planning/compliance area along with managing the trees and vegetation control unit.  Six years ago Pat put his hand up to become a delegate when the local delegate left, seeing a natural fit as he had been part of the staff consultative committee.

Pat worked at Moorabbin Council in 1986 and was also a delegate there. He learnt from the start of his working life that unions are important and has always been an active delegate. Pat has been involved in the most recent enterprise negotiations, mentored many ASU members and often represents members in disputes. The most enjoyable part of his role are the challenges that come with activism and accomplishing good outcomes for ASU members.

Prior to working at Bayside, Pat worked in the corporate world where there was little or no union representation, and he often seen the detrimental effect this had on workers. This made Pat’s beliefs in activism only stronger. He has seen many workers treated unfairly, lots of retrenchments and employers not fulfilling their obligations.

One of Pat’s favourite sayings is: “Things are not always as bad as they seem”. He refers to many colleagues who come to him highly stressed and frustated, and often just need some guidance. The best advice Pat would give to a someone is “becoming an ASU member is not only in your interest, but by joining you are helping  your brothers and sisters maintain equity and fairness in the workplace.”

The ASU thank Pat for his dedication to his role as ASU delegate. Keep up the good work Pat!

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