Andrews Government Holds Down Workers Wages But Keeps MP Pay Rise Secret

The Australian Services Union has criticised the Andrews Government for holding down the wages of workers in the Victorian public sector and in local government while keeping a pay rise for MPs secret.

Victorian MPs yesterday received a pay rise that is was set by the newly created Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal. Details of the rise have not been announced.

Australian Services Union branch secretary Lisa Darmanin said if MPs have received a pay rise greater than 2% Premier Dan Andrews should follow the lead of former premier Steve Bracks and rejected it in favour of complying with state wages policy.

“Steve Bracks recognised that when politicians are restricting the wage rises of working people they should comply with the same restriction,” Ms Darmanin said.

“State wages policy and rate capping are holding down the wages of the hardworking people who deliver the services Victorians rely on every day,” she said.

“Holding down the wages of working Victorians while MPs get a pay rise without any of us knowing how much they are now being paid is outrageous.”

“If the Andrews Government doesn’t change these wage suppressing policies that are locking in low wage growth across the economy, MP pay rises should be limited by them too,” she said.

“If the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal has awarded MPs a pay rise greater than 2%, Premier Dan Andrews should do the right thing and turn it down.”

“Dan Andrews has the power to bring in new legislation to keep MPs pay rises consistent with those available to state public sector workers,” Ms Darmanin concluded.

The Victorian Government’s wages policy has been criticised by both the union and the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia a holding down workers wages. The government’s rate capping policy has also been revealed by the Essential Services Commission as holding down average wage growth across local government to just 2%

The union, that represents workers across Victoria’s 79 local councils and in state authorities including VicRoads, Parks Victoria and water authorities across the state, has been leading the charge against the Victorian Government Wages Policy.

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