The Australian Services Union has today lashed out at the Andrews ‘Labor’ Government for opening the door to the privatisation of VicRoads’ registration and licensing functions.

In response to a parliamentary question on the potential privatisation of VicRoads motor registry unit, Treasurer Tim Pallas said the government won’t dismiss the opportunity to work with the private sector.

Registration and Licensing is the only part of VicRoads that has not been incorporated into the Department of Transport.

Registration and Licencing interacts with millions of Victorians, registering more than 6 million vehicles, conducting more than 150,000 driver licence tests, and renewing more than 600,000 licenses each year.

Australian Services Union Branch Secretary Lisa Darmanin said selling off VicRoads’ registration and licensing functions would be a disaster for Victorians.

“Dan Andrews knows electricity privatisation has been a disaster – selling off VicRoads would be a disaster too.”

“The Andrews Labor Government has already sold off the Land Titles and Registry Office and it appears VicRoads’ most sensitive functions are next in line,” Ms Darmanin said.

“The Andrews Labor Government needs to start living its values and put an end to the Kennett-like privatisation of government functions.”

“If VicRoads’ registration and licensing function were sold off, privatised or delivered through a service contract, there would be very serious implications for Victorians and staff at VicRoads.”

“Not one single Victorian voted for the Andrews Government thinking they would be flogging off core government services.”

“Premier Dan Andrews needs to personally reassure Victorian drivers that VicRoads’ registration and licensing won’t be privatised.”

“The Australian Services Union is exploring taking this matter to the Fair Work Commission because the workers at VicRoads have a right to consultation that the Andrews Government is ignoring,” Ms Darmanin said.

Questions for the Andrews Government on privatisation of VicRoads

Government Decision Making

  • Has Labor’s Caucus approved the privatisation of VicRoads and the sacking of VicRoads workers?
  • Has Cabinet approved the privatisation or private service delivery of VicRoads services?
  • Is Jeff Kennett an informal government advisor on the privatisation of VicRoads?

VicRoads’ Workers

  • Will Victorian workers be sacked with their jobs sent offshore?
  • Have VicRoads employees been told their jobs are in peril?
  • Are the jobs of VicRoads workers guaranteed?
  • If VicRoads is privatised, would the government guarantee no worker would be worse off?

Increase in Costs to Motorists

  • How much will the cost of registration and licencing increase?
  • How much will the cost of vehicle inspections increase?
  • Will there be access to the VicRoads database by private companies such as car park operators?

Integrity of Licencing System

  • Has Victoria Police advised the government on the potential for organised criminal activity to infiltrate a privatised VicRoads?
  • How will the government guarantee the security of the system and protect it from infiltration by organised crime?
  • A drivers licence is a primary form of identification, are there risks to national security if VicRoads were privatised?

Regional Services

  • How many VicRoads offices in regional Victoria would close if VicRoads is privatised?
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