Your workplace conditions are determined by so many factors that it is easy to forget which conditions are a result of employer policy and which are entitlements under law. It’s a good idea to know the workplace rights and entitlements that are guaranteed under the National Employment Standards and your Award.

Every worker in Australia has 11 basic entitlements under the National Employment Standards (NES). Click here to read about them all.

Many employees don’t realise that they have a right to request a flexible working arrangement if they fall into certain categories. Employers can only refuse a request if they have reasonable business grounds to do so.

Your workplace conditions are also determined by the SCHADS Award. Your award sets out the minimum conditions that someone in your industry/role is entitled to. Click here to see the full SCHADS Award.

If your workplace is going through any change, look at Part 2 – Consultation and Dispute Resolution. Your employer is required to consult with employees affected by a change to mitigate any adverse effects. If you have undertaken duties that do not appear in your job description for more than 5 consecutive days, such as filling in for your Team Leader or Manager, check Section 30- Higher Duties to see whether you were appropriately paid.

If you have a problem at work—have a chat with your delegate or contact the ASU Member Contact Centre at 1300 855 570 to see what your entitlements are.

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