The ASU and Maroondah operations management have discussed Safe Working Methodology Statements (SWMS) and the issues members have raised about them.

Your Union and management agree there is much room for improvement in the SWMS and this is being addressed through a review. The review is being conducted now, by Laura, and will progress in consultation with members, HSR’s and union delegates.

Going forward members are directed to sign SWMS.

To avoid members being liable or held to account for signing off on actions that they did not perform. And avoid any allegations of fraud or dishonesty, ASU has the following advice;

Complete the sections of SWMS that are relevant, you should follow the SWMS methodology and reduce the risks. But if a section is irrelevant, eg; not required due to the nature of the work, members are instructed to cross these sections out before signing.

Members must sign a SWMS for high-risk work, to indicate what risk or hazard mitigation actions have been carried out to make the worksite is safe.

Delegates; please distribute to those who don’t have email, and pin on union notice board.

For further information please contact: an ASU delegate or
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | 0418 320 625 |

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