Last Friday we met with Maribyrnong Council Management to advise them that you were unhappy with the offer that they put forward. Despite strong objections from membership from every area of Council, management have refused to budge on almost every, single ASU claim.

To win a better outcome for yourself and for your fellow ASU members, you need to vote and to vote we need to ensure your details held at the ASU are correct.

If you have changed your address in the last two years please send your update details to the ASU via or log in to the ASU members page of the website to update your details.

After weeks of negotiations and relaying your concerns to Council, Council have offered the following:

  • Management are also refusing to move away from changes to the transmission of business clause, and are remaining steady on their wage offer of 2.15% in year one, then 2% in years two and three of the agreement.
  • Higher duties – No measures to address uneven application. $100 minimum weekly payment for higher duties, with discretion.
  • Changes to the wording in sick leave that don’t give any rights to claim sick leave for specialist medical appointments.
  • Changes to the wording in bereavement leave, that offers a tokenistic acknowledgement of different family structures with no new rights

On top of all this, management acknowledged that there are problems with the ‘Program’ that is offered to employees when they reach the end of their band, and have responded by removing this right from the EBA and replacing it with nothing new!

In accordance with direction from ASU members and delegates the ASU has lodged an application for a protected action ballot with the Fair Work Commission.

The Australian Electoral Commission will require the ASU to provide your address details in the next few days, so please give your immediate attention to updating your details.

Your delegates are going to need all hands on deck if you want to achieve a better outcome, so if you are looking to get more involved, have a chat to one of your workplace delegates, or get in touch with your Organiser Austin Fabry 0436 481 684.

New ASU members are coming on board at Maribyrnong Council every day, if you know someone who is angry about management’s offer but hasn’t joined yet, forward them this email and they can join at

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