Maribyrnong City Council Councillors made a decision at the council meeting held on the evening of 19 February.  Despite on-going campaigning, wide spread community and political support from MP’s across the municipality, councillors voted to outsource these services.

Residents of the municipality did a great job holding Council to account asking questions about consultation, maintaining service standards and wages and conditions.  Councillors had made the decision to decide on awarding the tender ‘in camera’ (behind closed doors).

The ASU knows that it was not necessary to make this decision in secret and believes that it shows that the Councillors were not proud or confident of their decision. Residents and MCC staff have expressed their unhappiness with an approach that does not allow for transparency.

A meeting was held with Home support officers at 2pm the following day (Wednesday 20 February) to advise staff of the disappointing decision.

Council advised staff that the transmission will occur in the next few months and that staff will remain on their current wages and conditions until June 2020.  This additional time acts as a buffer for employees whose agreement expires in June 2019.

The ASU would like to thank our dedicated and wonderful home support officers for their patience and perseverance particularly delegates; Liane, Dores, Ewa and Samantha. The ASU believes that Maribyrnong Council has at times been heavy handed to prevent staff discussing the issues. Members across Council have lent their support and stuck together.

The ASU had already organised an EBA meeting on next Monday at 3pm at the civic centre Reception Room  we will also utilise this opportunity to discuss next steps. If you are not already an ASU member and can foresee that you will need union services and advice – join now.

If you have any questions regarding this newsletter, please contact ASU organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio on 0400-986-745 or via email on

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