Last week we met with union members who had been terminated by Maribyrnong Council without warning or consultation. Those members resolved to take Maribyrnong to the Fair Work Commission and to take their story to the media. You can read about your employer’s behaviour in the age here.

When the employees were first terminated, they asked the ASU to write to management seeking a reinstatement. The ASU Secretary, Lisa Darmanin wrote directly to Stephen Wall advising that the terminations were not permitted within the agreement without prior consultation with the ASU and impacted employees. We received a response from Maribyrnong HR that was copied almost word for word from the employees’ termination letters, it offered no further explanation or pathway to resolution.

If you are a current employee of Maribyrnong, talk to your local delegate about writing to management to express your anger at this decision.

We estimate that management has terminated around 150 people, or, about 20% of their workforce. Permanent employees in the Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre have been left feeling uncertain about their futures after losing 90% of their workforce overnight. The Local Government Minister has urged Councils to do everything possible to retain and not stand down current employees, and this decision shows that Maribyrnong is not taking their social responsibility during the crisis seriously.

If you have a colleague who is not yet a member of the ASU, forward them this email and encourage them to join. There has never been a more important time to be a union member.

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