On Wednesday the ASU hosted a forum for hopeful Maribyrnong Council candidates to answer questions put to them by members in the area.

We received dozens of questions from members and had to condense them down to nine questions relating to Council jobs, rates, the performance of the CEO, climate change, green spaces, policing, and public housing. This forum was streamed live and is now available on our Facebook page for members to watch whenever they have time.

Scroll forward to 3:45 when the forum starts, members who work at Maribyrnong Council are advised not to leave comments as you may put yourself at risk of breaching your code of conduct.

To our knowledge, this has been the only public forum that has been organised for Council candidates for the Maribyrnong election.

We have received feedback from non-members in the area that they appreciated the opportunity to see where the candidates stood on workers rights and community services. We know that many people within this area identify with our values and have solidarity for our members, even if they don’t work in our industries.

It’s difficult for candidates to campaign during the pandemic, with door knocking, street stalls and traditional campaign events unable to go ahead.

There is a risk of incumbents being returned as Councillors on name recognition alone, but we need all members to remember that this was the Council that privatised home and community care, and did nothing when 142 staff were sacked from the libraries and Aquatic Centre.

Some of the sitting Councillors still even deny that the sackings ever happened, and claim that the outsourcing of home care was good for workers.

We will be sending out more information about the candidates who have signed the ASU pledge closer to ballots arriving. For now, check out the forum, follow the ASU Facebook page, and research whether your current local Councillor reflects your values.

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