With Local Council elections coming up, your union is running a candidate forum in Maribyrnong so that members get the chance to ask questions of their local candidates.

Details of your local forum

Date: Wednesday 30 September
6.00 pm – 8.00 pm
How to watch:
The forum will be live streamed on the ASU Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ASUVicTas

If you currently work for Maribyrnong Council, you can watch the forum and submit questions via text or email, but we ask that you do not leave comments on the live stream.

We know that Councillor actions can have serious impacts on our members in Local Government. In the last term of Council, home care was outsourced, the Council Executive took the ASU to the Federal Court to avoid paying redundancies, and 150 staff were sacked at the start of the pandemic.

We need Councillors who will fight to protect public services, stand up for Council workers when they are mistreated, and who will campaign for pandemic leave for all Council workers.

The ASU has been contacting candidates to sign a pledge to do just that, but there is nothing more powerful than members asking the questions themselves.

We know many of you will have concerns about your code of conduct in watching the forum, so we will ensure all questions can be submitted anonymously. If you a have a question for the candidates please send them to afabry@asuvictas.com.au Alternatively, all members in the area will receive a text in the next 24 hours with a number that you can submit questions to.

Know someone who isnโ€™t a member of the ASU that should be? Forward them this email and remind them that being union helps all of us improve our working lives.

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