It’s been a massive few months for union members at Maribyrnong Council, with everyone getting ready for the end of the year, below are a few things you should know about over the next two weeks.

Enterprise Bargaining Update
Thanks to ASU members for holding out in the last three weeks, Professionals Australia successfully voted for Industrial Action and secured a much-improved offer for the Engineers Appendix.

This means that the proposed EBA contains important wins in conditions for all three unions that bargained.

Voting for the new agreement will open on Tuesday 17 December and close on Friday 20 December, with the view to getting the agreement finalised at Fair Work before Christmas.

Voting will take place either online or by telephone. All union members are encouraged to vote yes to the proposed EBA.

Local Campaigns

  • Libraries – Full-time employees in the library are fighting for the right to condense their regular work hours into a 9 day fortnight roster. The option to condense hours would have huge benefits, including making the library roster simpler, ensuring that there are a safe amount of employees in the library to open and close, and improvements to general employee wellbeing. Despite this, management is refusing to even have a genuine discussion with the local delegate about the proposal.
  • Labour hire – Delegates from the compliance area have met with Stephen Wall to discuss labour-hire exploitation in their area. The discussion was very positive, with Stephen stating that he did not want to see labour-hire used as a way to hide staffing budgets, and agreeing with us that labour-hire can be an exploitative arrangement. Delegates in this area are still working to convert long term labour-hire staff to permanent positions and won’t stop campaigning on this issue until that is achieved.

End of Year Parties

  • United West Christmas Party
    Saturday 7 December | 1pm | Footscray Park
    Open to all union members and their families who live in the western suburbs. Food and drink provided.
  • City West Water and Maribyrnong Council ASU Christmas BBQ
    Wednesday 18 December | 12pm | Railway Reserve

Regular delegates committees will commence in the New Year to ensure that your rights in the EBA are upheld in between bargaining.

Dozens of new members have joined at Maribyrnong Council over this bargaining period, without them, we couldn’t have won strong conditions in the EBA.

Forward this email to a colleague who isn’t a member and encourage them to get on board before Christmas.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry | 0436 481 684 |

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