Recently you were told by Maribyrnong management that changes to accrued days off and time in lieu were consulted on and agreed to by the Staff Consultative Committee. This is not the case.

Your ASU delegates are strongly opposed to the changes that have been put forward by management, and the ASU is currently investigating further action to have this policy change reversed.

So far in 2020, Maribyrnong management has only held one consultative committee, they have largely refused to consult on issues related to COVID-19 and are using the pandemic to ram through policy changes that would hurt staff.

Your delegates will be writing to management to inform them that they will not be consulting on or agreeing to any policy changes not related to COVID-19 until lockdown measures have eased.

We know what is really important right now is your safety at work and your job security in the middle of this pandemic.

Job Losses at Maribyrnong
In the early stages of lockdown, Maribyrnong Council terminated around 150 staff from the Aquatic Centre, libraries and community centres. They did this in secret, without informing the ASU, staff, and in some cases even coordinators.

Maribyrnong Council is the only Council to have terminated staff, and despite being advised that they could rescind these terminations with next to no cost, they are refusing to do so.

A community petition has amassed almost 800 signatures to get these terminations rescinded, which you can look at here.

It is important that as a staff member you yourself do not sign or share this petition, but feel free to follow its progress.

Most importantly if you know staff members who were terminated let them know that the ASU care and are continuing to campaign for these terminations to be rescinded.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry |
ASU Organiser Dave Beckley |

Know someone who isn’t a union member, forward them this email and ask them to join online at

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