Last month we opened up nominations for new ASU delegates, we have now concluded this process and confirm that the following people have put themselves forward to be your representatives:

South Building
David Moore
Sue Bratby
Alex Gauci

North Building
Ron Medler
Rosana Rivera
Jim Dimitriou

Town Hall
Catherine Hedly
Glenda Laby
Ash Minitti

Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre
Barbara Keunen
Carol Crofts

Library and Community Centres
Kelly Linnell
Kaye Philpot

Congratulations to all of these members for standing up to become your representatives in the workplace.

If no objections are received to the appointment of these new delegates by Friday 28 February, then they will be confirmed as the new ASU delegates for Maribyrnong Council.

Enterprise Agreement Update
For those of you playing close attention, you may have seen that the new EBA has been stalled at Fair Work.

This was due to an objection lodged by the ANMF, that should have now been rectified. You are still offered the full protections of the transmission of business clause and should have started on the new pay rate.

If you have any individual concerns about your agreement, please get in touch with your Industry Organiser David Beckley at

You have more power to improve your workplace when you act collectively with the backing of a union. Encourage your colleagues to join today

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