Recently ASU members endorsed lodging a Protected Action Ballot Order with Fair Work Commission. We received confirmation the VEC has approved our industrial action. With over 98% of returned ballots voting yes to taking Industrial Action. An amazing result.

ASU members at Maribyrnong are on the way to taking protected industrial action.
Our continuous efforts to show that management’s pay offer does not reflect our worth in the organisation. It does not take into consideration the rising cost of living and inflation. This along with their continual disregard for all our claims has been frustrating, particularly those that bear no financial cost.

Industrial action is our final option to get a better offer. It will show management that without the services WE provide the community, the community will be angry. Taking this action will show the management team the support the Maribyrnong community has for everyday workers.

So let’s get together and reiterate the message that not only is 1.75% and 2.45% unacceptable and offensive pay offer, in real terms, it’s a pay cut!

Members’ meetings will be held over the next couple of weeks to discuss the bans and the move forward with industrial action. Notifications for these meetings will be sent out soon.

Recently the ASU has had 2 great wins for our members. Delegates working alongside your organiser Angela, have had amazing wins for the Mechanics and Parks & Gardens members, who are now receiving allowances they are entitled to but weren’t receiving. There is no better time than now to Join the ASU and fight for a better outcome.

Where to from here?
We need to notify the CEO with 3 full days’ notice of intent to start a work ban. We will set up some member meetings to decide which bans we want to initiate. A full list of the bans can be seen here. 

For further information please contact:
ASU Assistant Secretary Ty Lockwood |

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