You might have been pressured by management to take your ADOs before the end of the financial year. You might have even been told that if you don’t, they’ll disappear. Well the ASU has written to Maribyrnong management and advised that any move to take away someone’s ADOs will be immediately subject to dispute.

It is the responsibility of Managers to create clear work schedules that factor in ADOs, to date, we have not been provided with these work schedules. Management shouldn’t be allowed to take away your time because they haven’t managed time off appropriately or followed the EBA.

If you or anyone you know has any ADOs removed in the new financial year, please get in touch with the ASU immediately.

ASU Online Member Meeting
There will be an ASU member meeting via zoom on Wednesday 15 July. This will allow you to ask any questions or raise any concerns you have related to your current work (pandemic or otherwise). A representative from Vision Super will also be in attendance to give you an update and answer any questions you may have.

DATE: Wednesday 15 July
TIME: 1pm
MEETING ID: 920 7868 0974

Are all your colleagues actually ‘all in this together’? Make sure they join the ASU if they haven’t already, new members are welcome at the online member meeting.

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