On Tuesday the 29th of October, ASU members voted to agree in principle to management’s offer for a new Enterprise Agreement. The offer secures the following:

-2.5% in the first year, and 2.25% in the second and third year, or $30 per week pay increases back dated to 1st of July 2019
-No reductions in entitlements
-$500 superannuation payment on unpaid maternity leave
-Two extra days of bereavement leave, with an expanded definition of family
-An extra day of service recognition leave for employees at ten years, and two extra days at fifteen years
-An extra $1000 study allowance
-An extra $550 training allowance for employees at the end of their salary band
-Attendance certificate from a medical professional can be used as evidence for sick leave
-A commitment to permanent work as the preferred method of employment
-Quarterly reporting on the number of labour hire staff to the Workplace Consultative Committee

This result has only been achieved because people stepped up as activists, became union members, attended meetings and voted for industrial action. Now might be a good time to forward this email to a colleague who isn’t a member, to let them know what workers in union can achieve.

Status of work bans
There is still an outstanding issue for the Enterprise Agreement relating to the Engineers appendix. Until an appendix has been agreed to, please keep your badges on and keep signing off your email with “I’m taking industrial action to protect my job security and fair pay.

Secure Work at Maribyrnong

Your representatives have made big strides in this agreement to fix the labour hire problem in the future at Maribyrnong, but we know there are long term Council employees who are being unjustly employed by labour hire agencies right now. Delegates want to push management to offer secure work to these staff, and to do that, they need as much information as possible about labour hire at Maribyrnong.

Can you stand up for secure work at Maribyrnong Council by taking this five minute survey?

Winning the best possible work conditions doesn’t just start and stop at an Enterprise Agreement. By working collectively in union, you have more control over your work conditions and build a better workplace culture. Talk to your colleagues about the importance of being an ASU member today!

For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry | 0436 481 684 | afabry@asuvictas.com.au

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