After 15 months and 27 EA meetings we have successfully reached an in-principal agreement with Maribyrnong Council management. Yesterday union members from across all of council met to vote on agreeing to this offer. 

  • 3 Year Agreement 

Wage Increase 

  • Year 1. 2.25% or $30 per week, whichever is greater. 
  • Year 2. 2.8% or $40 per week, whichever is greater. 
  • Year 3. 3% or $42.50 per week or 100% of the rate cap as set by the ESC. (Essential Services Commission) 
  • Increased number of days to Service recognition leave 
  • Operations Centre Appendix – Banding/Allowance structure review 
  • Increase to Primary and Secondary Carer’s leave 
  • Gender Affirmation Leave*New* 
  • IVF/Adoption/Surrogacy Leave *New* 
  • Gender Equality review/implementation measures *New* 
  • Council Paid/Reimbursement Working with Children Checks. 
  • OH&S Inclement weather policy that has 35 Degree Celsius stop work cut off. 
  • Apprentices: Recognition of council service  
  • Council paid MCH Nurse registrations. 
  • Backpay upon lodgement with FWC. (mid-June) 

Every single one of these claims were made by union members wanting to make Maribyrnong council a better and safer workplace for all workers. Management did not offer these things up willingly, they didn’t offer any of these. These are ALL union member claims from March last year! 

Place this newsletter everywhere proudly, when people ask what has the union done at Maribyrnong, show this notice and tell them this is what Union Members at Maribyrnong have achieved by sticking together.  

We can achieve a lot more if we grow our membership in preparation for next EA negotiations! 

Join the ASU here  

Finally, the biggest shout out of all goes to all your ASU Union Delegates who have stood tall the last few weeks and weathered the storm that is Protected Industrial Action. Management always put pressure on union delegates during this time and Maribyrnong council has been no different.  

They have showed the strongest integrity and commitment to ensuring the work bans ran as smoothly as possible and fended off management pressure that ensues as Industrial Action commences, when you see them please thanks them! 

  •   Sue Bratby  
  • Alex Gauci  
  • Carol Crofts 
  • Kaye Philpott                     
  • Kelly Linnell                       
  • Rosana Rivera 
  • Jim Dimitriou                    
  • Dave Moore                      
  • Pam Genovese 
  • Glenda Laby 

Management will put out more information shortly regarding the consultation period and the voting process.  

Congratulations and Well Done! 

For further information or to become a Delegate please contact:
Assistant Secretary Ty Lockwood | 0417 516 568 | 


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