Yesterday your bargaining representatives met with Council management to try to finalise Enterprise Agreement negotiations. We remain hopeful that significant headway on key issues of job security and benefits for employees at the end of band, however we still have some way to go to securing an acceptable pay rise.

A stop work bbq has been scheduled for 12pm-2pm on Tuesday 29 October at the Town Hall which will proceed if responses from Council are unacceptable.

Negotiations have been significantly more productive with management since you elected to take protected industrial action. By showing your strength as a collective, your bargaining reps have more leverage in meetings, and have been able to secure real improvements in your agreement.

By coming together for a stop work on Tuesday, you’ll show management that we are strong, united, and willing to take action until every employee at Maribyrnong Council has job security and fair conditions.

What: Stop work bbq
Tuesday 29 October
Where: Town Hall front lawns

Until Tuesday, it is important that every member is wearing an ASU badge and has changed their email signature to “I’m taking action to protect my job security and fair pay”. If you don’t have a badge yet, please get in touch and we’ll get one to you.

Do you have colleagues who still haven’t signed up as a member of the ASU? Forward this email to them and ask them to sign up at:

For more information please contact your local delegate or
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry | 0436 481 684 |

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