ASU delegates and organisers have been meeting with management continuing to pursue your endorsed claims for the new Enterprise Agreement. We are disappointed to report that management have made only the smallest concessions, while seeking to reduce your entitlements if a transfer of business occurs.

  • No rights to reduce job insecurity
  • No consideration of end of band improvements
  • No changes to the sick leave clause to allow for certificates from medical practitioners
  • No working in heat clause or rights to ensure fair disciplinary procedures
  • No access to independent arbitration for disputes unrelated to Enterprise Agreement issues
  • Only $200 superannuation for employees on unpaid maternity leave
  • Offer of $75 a week minimum for higher duties, with no details on operation.
  • A one day increase in bereavement leave

These titbits come with a small pay rise of 2.15% pay rise in the first year, and 2% in year 2 and 3, increases that barely keep up with the cost of living. Management also want to change your transmission of business clause so that redundancies would not be paid to employees who take up a role with the new employer after outsourcing.

ASU workplace leaders are continuing to meet to discuss the next steps in this campaign, and will be organising member briefing sessions throughout the Council.

In light of poor offer and consistent with member instructions from meetings held in in late July, the ASU is proceeding with an application of a protected action ballot.

The current offer from management hits a raw nerve after the outsourcing of home care workers. This offer reduces your employment security and your delegates are not ruling out taking further action to push for a better deal.

The ASU protects, promotes and improves the working conditions and entitlements of our members.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry | 0436 481684 |

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