Vote today to make sure your vote will be counted for protected action!

To make sure that your ballot pack arrives at the AEC on time, you need to vote by Thursday morning at the absolute latest.

Since the ballot began, management have become more willing to negotiate on key issues that impact you in your enterprise agreement. We know that they are concerned about protected action, so the more members who vote yes to every item, the stronger our message that the union has power in the workplace.

Your union bargaining team is going into negotiations this Friday, and members meetings will be conducted next week to consider a new offer from management.

Every yes vote received will give your bargaining reps the confidence to hold firm on your claims. The stronger the voter turnout the better management will hear your collective voice.  

Haven’t heard enough about bargaining? Perhaps you need a delegate in your work area, nominations from ASU delegates are always welcome.

Is a colleague constantly asking questions about the Enterprise Agreement that isn’t a member of the ASU? Ask them to join today so they can be part of our ASU community at Maribyrnong and build our union strength.

For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry | 0436 481 684 |

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