We recently held meetings to get feedback from ASU members on Council’s offer. ASU members overwhelmingly reject the settlement offer from Maribyrnong City Council.

A negotiation meeting was held on 26 June where ASU made it abundantly clear to your employer that the wages and conditions on offer where not agreed to by members. We also made it clear that the offer would need to considerably improve for us to reach agreement.

Based on member’s input from meetings and surveys, we put forward a position to Council. Council said they will consider our position before responding.

You can read the position we put to Council below:

The ASU members reject Maribyrnong’s offer as presented on 5 June 2019, the ASU provide the following response on a without prejudice positon

  • Not willing to accept and seeking to be withdrawn from Councils offer-
    • Transfer of Business Clause
    • Redeployment period- Redundancy entitlement
    • Casual Employment
  • Wages increase of a minimum of 3% with a minimum dollar amount equivalent to 3% of a Band 4A
  • Bereavement Leave-  (claim 26) amended to the below
    • Increase to 5 days per occasion
    • Definition to Family expanded to include significant other
  • Service recognition day- (Claim 5)- Increase to 2 days following the completion of 5 years’ service
  • End of band improvement- (Claim 3)-
    • Additional day A/L and subsequent years once you reach top of band
    • Incorporating Claim 31 to ensure all employees obtain this entitlement- if Claim 31 not agreed to then it will be taken that following the completion of the 12 months those employees classified and paid under the LWA Appendices will be able to access this entitlement as they have reached the top of their band.
  • Sick Leave- (Claim 6)
    • Adopting the current policy within the EA regarding when a medical certificate is required
    • Broadening out the definition of medical practitioner to medical professional and allow for certificate of attendance to be accepted i.e. dentist ect
  • Disciplinary Procedure (Claim 17)- to be incorporated within the EA- Specifically natural justice principles and timeframes
  • Dispute resolutions (Claim 23) to include any work related matter
  • Right to casual conversion (Claim 27)- Right to casual conversion to permanent after 6 months- this claim is to also include the right for agency staff to be converted to permanent council employees following this duration within the same role.
  • Higher Duties (Claim 4) amended to;
    • To be paid at a minimum of $100 per week
  • Superannuation on unpaid maternity leave- increase the quantum proposed (Council proposed $300)
  • Commitment to work with ASU representative and Incorporate the following log items/matters into Council Policy;
    • Heat Policy- Claim 16
    • Workload- Claim 29
    • Work Life Balance- Claim  32

We will let you know about Council’s response to our position after the next negotiation meeting on Wednesday 10 July.

If you have any questions please contact one your delegates on the negotiation committee- Sue Bratby, Jarrod England, Todd Lockhurst, Ron Medler, Rosanna Rivera, Carol Croft, Kaye Phillips or

ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio | 0400 986 745 | ldipietrantonio@asuvictas.com.au

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