The ASU held a round of meetings last week to obtain feedback from members on the amended settlement offer that Council put forward on 10 July.  You can download a copy of the amended settlement offer here.

The only differences from the initial offer are:

  • First year pay increase increased by .15% from 2% to 2.15% and the dollar amount increasing in each year from $22 to $23.
  • Increase by $100 to the superannuation paid on the unpaid portion of maternity leave
  • Heat Policy and Transition to retirement clause can be discussed in the Workplace consultative committee
  • Removal of the reduction to the redundancy provision where council was seeking to reduce the period of time an employee can sit in the redeployee pool from 8 weeks to 4 weeks.

Members who attended one of the five meetings held across council overwhelmingly rejected the offer which still contains a reduction of the current redundancy entitlement when a transfer of business applies.

At the meeting members also voted to escalate their action to try and obtain a more suitable offer from council.  We have created a short survey below for those that were not able to attend to also provide their position.

The survey will only take a few minutes to complete.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio | 0400 986 745 |

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